Vinyasa Flow (Level 2 and Above)

Date(s) - Tuesday, 13 Nov, 2018
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

with Matt Beard.

Matt enjoys yoga that is fun and challenging. If you are looking for a strong practice that will challenge your fitness, strength, and flexibility then this class might be for you. Each 90-minute class starts with gentle movements and stretches to relax then warm the muscles, then strong sequences to build heat and prepare the body for technically interesting yoga positions that combine strength, flexibility, and balance. Matt builds yoga poses from simple foundations and offers opportunities either to explore challenging variations, where you feel in control, or work with less complicated versions of poses which are already near to your end range of motion. Each class concludes with a guided relaxation to promote a rest-restore state in the body and maximise the benefits of your yoga practice.

Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of each class. If you are not there by this time, and the class is fully booked, your place may be offered to someone wanting to drop in. This will be considered a late cancellation and no refund or alternative will be offered.
Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Mats and other equipment are provided by Aylesbury Yoga Centre.

Discounts available
20% discount for Seniors (OAPs), full time students and those currently not in work (UB40s) on weekly classes.
Corporate discounts on request. For further information, please contact us.


Bookings are closed for this class.

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