Yoga Levels Defined

How far are you on your yoga journey?
Use this guide to see which class level is right for you. Do contact us, though, if you are not sure where to start.

Level 1 – Beginner
Level 1 classes are designed for those who have had no previous exposure to yoga, but are eager to learn and start experiencing the amazing benefits of a yoga practice. The beginner student needs slow-paced direction and a great level of detail so they can become familiar with basic yoga poses and use of the breath.

Level 2 – Experienced Beginner
Level 2 classes are designed for those who have had some exposure to yoga, including an introduction to basic yoga poses and proper alignment. The experienced beginner student would like to explore their practice and begin to become more familiar with poses and use of the breath.

Level 3 – Intermediate
Level 3 classes are designed for those who have a good understanding of the basic yoga postures, and have begun to explore a wider variety of poses and styles. The intermediate student understands the relationship between breath and movement.

Level 4 – Advanced-Intermediate
Level 4 classes are designed for more experienced yogis with a very solid understanding of basic yoga postures who are comfortable performing more advanced poses. The advanced-intermediate student practices yoga regularly and has a deeper understanding of the connection of breath with movement.

All Levels
Come as you are! All Levels classes are suitable for everyone – beginners to those who are more experienced. These classes offer modifications so that you can customize your class to fit your specific needs and level of expertise.

No Classes
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