Matt Beard

– hatha yoga teacher
Matt enjoys yoga that is fun and challenging and also achievable and rewarding for everybody in the class.
His teaching combines strength and flexibility with awareness of position and efficient movement. Building yoga poses from simple foundations, Matt offers opportunities either to explore challenging variations from poses where you feel in control, or to stay simple in poses which are already near to your end range of motion.
Each class concludes with a guided relaxation to promote rest-restore state and to maximise the benefits of your yoga practice.
Matt is a Yoga Alliance UK registered teacher (RYT200). His yoga website is http://yoga-yoga-yoga.com. As well as teaching yoga, Matt enjoys sport and exercise and works as a professional scientist.

Karen Mander

– meditation teacher
Karen is a mother of one, a mindfulness and meditation teacher, spiritual coach, ante-natal teacher and Ex Founder/CEO of Kazoo Communications, a leading independent public relations consultancy.
She started her own journey into meditation 20 years ago as an enquiry into ill-health and stress, and has since studied many different meditation/mindfulness paths, embracing both eastern and western forms
She is a firm believer that an ounce of practice is worth a tonne of theory and that everyone regardless of age, belief, culture or faith can find effortless peace amidst the challenge of a modern, busy and often stressful life.
She teaches with compassion, simplicity and humour and encourages the confidence and independence to embrace meditation as a self-reliant practice.
Karen preferences the practice of meditation through simple breath control, using yoga and mindfulness techniques gleaned and adapted from many different contemplative traditions, which are accessible to all regardless of life circumstance.

She has created a highly effective and practical teaching based on mastery of 6 basic techniques:

    1. Focus and intention
    2. Connection with the breath
    3. Calming/collecting the mind
    4. Building a positive mindset
    5. Continuous awareness
    6. Contemplation

Sandy Snelling

– mindfulness meditation teacher
Sandy Snelling is a Mum of two, Wife, Healer, Teacher and Artist among other things!
She has been practicing meditation and yoga for more than 16 years. From a young age she was attracted to metaphysical and spiritual teachings, which led her to become a Medical Herbalist, Therapist and Reiki Master. Sandy ran a successful practice for 22 years, in which she also ran courses and workshops.
Sandy’s meditation classes are friendly and relaxed. They are designed for anyone to begin exploring a regular and more meaningful meditative practice and to help to incorporate it into their everyday lives.
Sandy, like Karen, uses the breath as the tool to draw people into deeper stillness and peace. As a teacher she draws on many different traditions to inspire those attending her classes and to help each person gain confidence in their own abilities for self- empowerment and transformation.

Sarah Oxley

– hatha yoga and yoga for pregnancy mum and baby yoga

Sarah trained under Dr Elena Voyce and is  a qualified Yoga Alliance teacher. Her teaching style reflects Dr Voyce’s  passion for safe alignment, core activation and body awareness.    Each class will take you through a combination of dynamic flowing sequences and more ‘mindful’ work where postures are held for a little longer so that we can build on proper technique.   She likes to keep the classes fun, lighthearted and inclusive to anyone, whether you are a complete beginner or a more experienced practitioner.
Sarah also teaches yoga for pregnancy. She originally trained with the NCT (after the birth of her first baby) and completed their diploma in Health Education (specialising in antenatal education) in 2005. For 10 years she ran antenatal courses for couples (and had two more children) helping them prepare for the birth and the first year of parenthood. In 2007 she underwent further training to facilitate pregnancy yoga classes. Since then, she has run a weekly pregnancy yoga class under the umbrella of the NCT. She now is a BWY accredited yoga teacher enjoys combining her experience with the NCT and her passion for yoga to continue helping women throughout this exciting time. Sarah is also a qualified postnatal yoga teacher and runs a weekly mum and baby class at the studio. (please contact Sarah directly for details of the mum and baby class – 07730 030172

Lynn Patton

– integral hatha yoga teacher and yoga for special needs practitioner
Lynn qualified as a British Wheel accredited teacher (with the Life Centre, now Yogacampus) in 2007. Her practice grew initially through a vinyasa flow practice but is now more influenced by the integral hatha yoga inspired by Swami Satchidananda.  Her belief in yoga being a core life system led her to train with Sonia Sumar and Jo Manuel to share yoga with children and young people with special needs.  Her classes include a mix of asanas, pranayama (breathing exercises) and relaxation to bring a sense of integration and efficiency to the body, breath and mind.

Tara Beard-Knowland

– hatha yoga teacher (special events)
Tara has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and is a recently qualified yoga teacher. Tara believes that, although the body and mind don’t come with ‘users’ manuals’, everyone should be able to learn how to perform basic maintenance on themselves. Doing this will help both on and off the mat. Tara has also seen that whilst time might feel like a finite resource, personal energy to deal with day to day living doesn’t have to be. She hopes to help people to find ways to better manage their own energy and to deal with what life throws at them.

Kate France

– vinyasa flow, ashtanga fusion and yin yoga teacher
Kate has practiced yoga for over 10 years but it wasn’t until she took a year out travelling that her heart was opened to the genuine benefits yoga can offer on a mental, emotional and physical level. Whilst in India, she was introduced to Ashtanga Vinyasa where the intensity of the practice became inspirational and life changing. This encouraged her decision to focus on developing personal meditation and lead her to a 10 day silent vipassana meditation centre in Punjab. Mindfulness meditation then became a huge part of her daily life and, later, her teaching.
Kate completed her 200 hours (Yoga alliance) yoga teacher training in India, Goa, focusing on Ashtanga Vinyasa. She then returned in October 2015 to complete another 300 hours in Vinyasa flow where her creativity flourished. She also developed her passion for yin yoga, the perfect calming complement to the fiery power in Ashtanga and Vinyasa.
She has a degree in Philosophy at Leeds University and a foundation course in psychotherapy At Regents University and likes to bring all elements of her learning into her classes.
Yoga for Kate is about unravelling the true self within us and maintaining a state of wholeness and peace throughout the chaos we often create. By regularly practicing yoga we have the potential to attain this deeper understanding and balance out our lives bringing us all closer to authentic happiness. Kate tries to share all the knowledge she has received and still receives from others to help guide her students into greater self awareness, and ultimately greater happiness. Her classes are imaginative, thoughtful and taught from the heart, and she is enormously energized and fully thankful to be able to contribute and learn from everyone she encounters.



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